Roll on Autumn

Long time no blog it seems! Autumn is now upon us, but still our journey rumbles on. We are about to go through a change of pace, our original location plans have fallen through as the building needed too much work to make it suitable for our needs so we're on the hunt for another home.

Nevertheless work continues apace, I have been spending some time to dial in our summer stout recipe. I know, I know, stout? In summer? Thats crazy talk. Crazy like a fox maybe, stout can be a great drink for the summertime, this one is jet black and smooth, but light on the palate so you can knock back one or three of an afternoon. Hovering around the 4% ABV mark means it won't weigh you down, and you can enjoy the rest of your day nicely.

Of course this post calls out winter, so summer stout will take a little while to roll around again. Of course this means that we have new things brewing - its never a bad time for an IPA and we've got some really awesome hops just begging to become beer. We've also got a very interesting rabbit hole in the form of a schwarzbier that we've been playing with, the next batch should be done lagering soon enough. A few tweaks along a few brews has something we're pretty excited about, and hopefully we'll have something to share shortly.

In the mean time, watch this space. Definitely some new news soon...