What's Going On?

So we're in that place where there's a lot of wheels rolling but seemingly precious little to see for it all.

Stuff we're doing right now

  • Looking for a good business bank account
  • Designing our brewing system
  • Talking to architects about getting formal drawings made up
  • Working with graphic designers to get a proper logo made up
  • Thrashing out more of the fine detail in the business plan
  • Slowly filling out our TTB Brewer's Note application

On the more entertaining side of things I've been able to spend some time fine tuning the Tribute recipe, tweaking the final hop additions and really nailing down the water salt additions. I'm pretty fortunate to have water which is low in pretty much everything, so I can add mineral salts back to get more or less any flavor impact that I want. It's been a fun little series of brews, each one the same basic recipe, but just putting those final tweaks on it to perfect it.