Casker's Delight

Something which may or may not yet be obvious: I'm British. Seriously, just give me a call, I'll tell you I'm not from London and I'm always happy to offer pointers on the correct spelling of words.

Being not-from-round-here is one of the things that got me into making my own beer and diving into this journey to become a professional brewer. Those of you who have travelled to the UK (or happen to be near one of the exceptionally small number of establishments in the US) will have dipped a toe into the wonderful world of cask beer. I was not lucky enough to live anywhere near someone who could sell me a decent English style pint, so I took it upon myself to provide.

English beer is generally pretty different to American beer right from the get go. In England, beer is generally something we consume multiple pints of in a session, spent over a pleasant evening at the pub with some friends.

Cask beer though, is what really sets the English brewing tradition apart from any other in the world.

Beer during production is a living thing. We rely on yeast to take our hoppy, sugary water and turn it in to beer. Cask beer brings that living product forward to you, the drinker. Rather than filtering out the yeast and pumping in carbon dioxide from a tank, cask beer means that we take that fresh beer, put it into our cask (or firkins to be exact) along with a little more sugar and some dry hops, then we seal it up and let the yeast carbonate it.

Along the way, the yeast generate some complex flavors in the beer that you can't get any other way, and once they're done we give it some time to let them settle out, chill the beer down to cellar temperature, then pour it and drink it. You can either pour by gravity, or pump the beer out of the cask using a beer engine.

So it stands to reason that we are already planning to offer at least two regular cask beers, and to have at least one, hopefully two or three cask beers available the day we open our doors. It's a long road to travel just yet, but the rewards will be rich!