Officialdom (Part 2)

Hooray for business! Paperwork has been weighing on us recently so it's time to come up for air and write some more blog stuff.

The July 4th week was a productive one for us. We have our business bank account open and first deposits made, graphic designers are busy scribbling up some designs for us and we've spent some time filling out our TTB application forms.

We were also lucky enough to get to spend a day brewing with the crew over at Bond Brothers. Jay, Rusty, Paul and Jeremy were extremely welcoming, and in between putting me to work graining out and hauling fifteen sacks of malt between pallets and into the mill, they answered a lot of questions and were generally fantastic folks. Good times were had and good beer was drunk, we are lucky to have these guys as neighbours.

We're getting ready to pull the trigger on buying our brew system and the electrical control panel, along with our first one barrel fermenter. Watch this space...