We did it!

Holy moly! I’m writing this after our first two days of being open to the public, and I really couldn’t be more thrilled that so many of you came out to see us, get a beer (or two!) and hang out with us and have a good time. I really can’t thank you all enough, especially those of you who came in on Friday and then came back on Saturday! I really couldn’t be more proud right now to be a part of what makes Valdese and awesome place to be, and I just know that we’re going to do incredible things together!

Our first couple of batches are going to be brewed in the coming week, I’m going to be making a hazy pale ale which those of you who were at the LPDA homebrew competition will remember this one as it took first place in the hoppy beer category, and the very first batch of our Daylight Robbery english pale ale will follow the next day so look out for those in about two weeks time.

Once those first two batches are ready we’ll be brewing up our Spitfire Stout and Mountain Man special bitter, and the cask conditioned ales will on on tap as soon as they’re ready (you can’t rush good beer)

We’ll be opening up next week at 5:30 on Thursday and we’ll have a whole bunch of new beers on tap, come on in and see us!