And another thing...

Rest assured we're still out here and still working hard to get the business going! We've been thrilled with all the support and generosity shown by the folks at the Town of Valdese, and are keeping our ears to the ground for a good space to open up that we can call home.

In the mean time, time and tide waits for no man so we've been keeping the home brewing rolling along. The joy of Yakima Valley Hops' First Friday sale means that we're up to our eyeballs in Mosaic pellet hops. The 2017 harvest has a wonderful aroma of blueberries with a little dankness mixed in, and we've got a brew lined up to try and really pull out the blueberry aroma into the finished beer.

One of the best bits of Valdese is the water. It's mountain fresh, super soft and consistent all year round. This is awesome, as we don't need an expensive reverse osmosis system, nor do we need to load up each beer with brewing salts or find ourselves stylistically cornered by our water. Interestingly, we've been finding that some of our recipes which we perfected on a different town's water supply have needed some updates to the salt additions. The previous place had a reasonable amount of sodium in the water, whereas here we have none, and you can taste the difference. There's a couple of test batches fermenting right now with some chemistry adjustments to get us back to our sweet spot.

There's a few homebrew competitions coming up in the local area which we're going to enter, so getting the counter-pressure filler set up and dialled in for good fills is our next task.

Keep watching out, with any luck we'll have some more news soon!