On Your Marks...

Things are now at the point of getting crazily real! We have our building secured, renovations have been underway for some time, construction proper is about to start next week, with remodelling to install accessible ramps and remodel a bathroom getting underway, the two brewhouse vessels are here, and our kegs and some fermenters are on their way.

Today I'm launching a crowdfunding campaign to help drive this project on its path towards opening day. Opening a brewery is pretty expensive project and I'm already substantially invested with my own personal money, so I'm looking to my community to help me get across the finish line and get the doors open.

You can find my IndieGoGo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-levee-brewery-and-pub-valdese-nc/

We have some awesome perks on offer and will sincerely appreciate any support you can give, it means the world to me