A journey of many small steps

So it must be time for a real, long form project update, as while the day to day stuff goes past on Facebook this blog is looking a little spartan!

Where should we start? How about some great news? I have my federally issued Brewer's Notice! In some kind of miracle, the TTB processed my application in 27 calendar days so now I'm officially recognized by the federal government as a brewery!

Of course, things are never quite so simple! Before I can actually brew anything, I need to get my North Carolina ABC permits, and in order to get those I need sign offs from the Burke County building inspectors and my local Fire Marshall here in Valdese, and of course getting the building inspector to sign off means I need to get the building work completed!

The construction work breaks down to building fire walls between the brewery space and the public taproom, and make sure that the fire exits are up to code, so we're going to be hanging a lot of drywall and replacing the doors at the back of the building. On a more fun note, the bar buildout will also be starting in earnest and we're out on the hunt for some fun decor to spread around the place.

My brewhouse is here in all its shiny stainless glory! I have a two vessel, 3 bbl system which is getting paired up with an on demand hot water heater for strike and sparge water duties. My keg float arrived and the keg washer construction is mostly finished, I'm working on the code for the Arduino brain which powers it all so should have that ready for validation testing pretty soon.

The new flooring in the community gathering room is finished, final trim is done in the main pub area, I'm on the hunt for some nice tables and chairs and gathering details for a big order of glasses, bar consumables, drying mats and a whole bunch of other little details.

Opening day is getting really close so watch this space for news and events as we get them on the calendar!