Six months

So who knew that running a business would mean less time for blogging?

As I write this, I’ve been open for business for six months and five days, and boy howdy has it been a rollercoaster. However, looking back over such a short span makes me realise that so many milestones have been marked! About a year ago the lease on the building started and then after six months hard work the doors opened, so by no means a small achievement!

Six months in we have one guest beer still on tap, a draft cider offering and the other eight taps are all house brewed beer. We rotate through our cask conditioned offerings as fast as we can, yet often we find ourselves with a whole bunch of empty firkins needing to be filled as y’all keep coming and drinking it all!

Our beer lineup is still shaking out, there are some beers which have already established themselves as staples, some where we’re still switching things up and experimenting and a list of beers to brew as long as your arm, so there’s exciting stuff coming down the pipeline too!

It’s been lots of fun meeting so many great people from both near and far (so far the furthest has been New Zealand) and we can’t wait to see what the next six months brings!