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The Levee Pub.

The Levee Pub is the first brewery and pub in Valdese, N.C.. Bringing together the best parts of the British Pub with the best parts of American craft beer, The Levee is a place to come hang out, meet your neighbours, bring old friends or just come and get away from the outside world for a while. All accompanied by great beer, of course.

We are passionate about great beer, in addition to our award winning American style beers, we also have a strong cask beer program, serving cask conditioned ales in both classic British style and also with some wonderful American leaning flavour combinations for special occasions.

The pub is dog friendly and family friendly, and we have darts and a wide range of board games for you to enjoy. You are welcome to bring in your own food to enjoy, we are lucky to have several great restaurants nearby, in addition to delivery services who you can order from.

The Levee Pub is a community focused endeavour and a passion project for me, and I can't wait to share it with you!



118 Main St. W
NC 28690



Wednesday: 6 - 10pm

Thursday: 6 - 10pm

Friday: 5:30 - 11pm

Saturday: 3pm - Midnight


Our Beers

As a craft microbrewery, we have a wide range of beers which we love to make with a good mix of regular beers and rotating and seasonal beers. Here are some of our regulars!



Trinity is our prize winning hazy pale ale. This beer drinks like a 9% double IPA, but actually clocks in around 5% so you can drink a few without falling down. Made with the highest quality pale ale malt and wheat malt, we hit this beer hard in the kettle with oily, resinous hops and then ferment with our house ale yeast. Biotransformation of the hop oils by the yeast, and mid-fermentation dry hop with Citra and Galaxy hops fill this beer with tropical fruit flavours, and give it a beautiful straw coloured haziness. The wheat malt and our local water make for a luscious mouthfeel and a crisp dry finish, this beer is a true pleasure for every sense,


Pennsale is one of two English Ales which we make and adore. The more traditional of the pair, Pennsale is made with English Pale Ale malt and the very best crystal malt from Simpsons Malting in the UK. True to form, we make our own invert sugar for this beer too. Hopping is all traditional English hops, with Challenger used for bittering, and a healthy dose of East Kent Goldings in the whirlpool at flameout. Fermented with our house ale yeast, this beer is a brilliant, bright amber colour.

On the palate, this beer brings classic caramel and toffee flavours from the malt, and balances them out with floral and earthy notes from the late addition of Goldings.

Look out for this one both on draft and cask conditioned!


Weize Guy

Our own Hefeweizen is made with traditional German pilsner and wheat malts, a restrained hand with Noble hops providing balance, and we carefully wrangle our yeast to give a perfect balance of banana and clove flavours.


Cask Ale

Cask ale is a traditional way to condition and serve beer. Now it's mostly thought of as being a British thing, but once upon a time all beer was cask conditioned.

Cask ale is a whole new way to experience both beer you already love, and an avenue into new ways to enjoy beer. Cask ale is naturally carbonated and served at a cool cellar temperature. This has a profound effect on the mouthfeel of the beer, and the flavours you taste are also influenced by the process. Rather than being pushed with compressed gas, cask ale is pulled out of the firkin using a beer engine in time honoured fashion

At The Levee Pub, cask ale is a foundation of what we do. Cask ale is a real living product, so we make sure we always serve it at its best. We have two beer engines and try to keep two different casks on at all times, come on in and enjoy!

About Me

I'm Peter Skelton, an expat Brit now living in the foothills of the Appalachians in Valdese, N.C. Following an eleven year career as a pharmaceutical scientist, I'm making the switch to be my own boss and to make beer for a living.

I've been home brewing for six years, winning awards along the way, so when the opportunity came up to move to the mountains the time was right to make the dream a reality.


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